PCB production/etching tutorial


There are a lot of tutorials around that show you, how to etch your own PCBs, but either they use professional tools, that might cost a lot, or they do not give you a complete list of materials you will need. This really bothers me, so I want to show you how to produce your own PCBs at home, so you can make your DIY projects more professional and cut costs drastically when it comes to create a PCB.

This might be you with your professionally crafted PCB

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Fallout 4 Aliens und Alien Blaster Guide

Wer Fallout 3 (und insbesondere den “Mothership Zeta”-DLC) gespielt hat, für den sind Zetaner nichts neues. Diese tauchen auch in Fallout 4 auf und hatten wieder einen kleinen Unfall mit ihrem UFO. Allerdings hat einer der Aliens eine interessante Waffe bei sich… Continue reading Fallout 4 Aliens und Alien Blaster Guide