DIY electronic riddle advent calendar

Oh yes, Christmas! It’s almost that season of the year again. And to shorten the time between the 1st of December and Christmas Eve’, I thought about a bit more interesting advent calendar than one, that only has chocolate in it. This electronic advent calendar offers a riddle that you can create for a loved one or a friend and give it to them so they can try to solve it before Christmas arrives. It offers a clue every day and it presents all unlocked clues on a website that runs on the device itself. The only two things it needs to work is a power supply and a WiFi network it can connect to. And the best thing is: It is really simple to build and it can be re-used every year and it can also be used for other occasions (for example Valentine’s Day)! Continue reading DIY electronic riddle advent calendar


Using hardware PWM/CLK to get exact timings on a Raspberry Pi


This might not be a common issue, that hobbyists run into when creating their projects, because usually the software PWM, offered by the raspberry pi’s RPi.GPIO-Module, is exact enough for dimming some lights or controlling dc-motors. But for real-time and time-critical applications, this is actually an issue: Continue reading Using hardware PWM/CLK to get exact timings on a Raspberry Pi