Native real-time and multithreaded programming on the Arduino Nano 33 BLE (Mbed OS)

A long time ago, I released a series about real-time programming on a BeagleBone Black. I then decided to use the BBB to control the CRT display of an old Macintosh Classic computer. As you can imagine, I was thrilled when the new Arduino Nano series with built-in real-time capabilities was announced and in this article, I’d like to revisit the old topic and discuss what has changed over the years.

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C sockets – A hello world introduction

While sockets are no new concept for me, I recently had to write an application in C that uses sockets to communicate. And while trying to figure out, what the best way of doing so is, I came across a lot of tutorials. But most of them either completely missed the point, were too complicated or used obsolete functions in the code. In this article, I want to try to give you a simple and short overview of sockets and an up to date ‘hello world’ example for a client and a server application. Continue reading C sockets – A hello world introduction

DIY electronic riddle advent calendar

Oh yes, Christmas! It’s almost that season of the year again. And to shorten the time between the 1st of December and Christmas Eve’, I thought about a bit more interesting advent calendar than one, that only has chocolate in it. This electronic advent calendar offers a riddle that you can create for a loved one or a friend and give it to them so they can try to solve it before Christmas arrives. It offers a clue every day and it presents all unlocked clues on a website that runs on the device itself. The only two things it needs to work is a power supply and a WiFi network it can connect to. And the best thing is: It is really simple to build and it can be re-used every year and it can also be used for other occasions (for example Valentine’s Day)! Continue reading DIY electronic riddle advent calendar

Mac Apps with Xamarin – Hello World Tutorial

Some time ago I wrote an article about how to get started with Windows 10 App development. This article will introduce you to Mac-Apps and will guide you through the process of programming one with Xamarin and C#.

Easy to follow video included at the end of the article.

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Programming Basics – Addendum: IntelliJ QuickTip

Our last series was a big success and we decided to take it a step further with an Advanced Programming series, which will start in Dec. 2016. But for today I want to give you a quick tip for faster coding in IntelliJ IDEA! Continue reading Programming Basics – Addendum: IntelliJ QuickTip

Programming Basics 7 – Exceptions and exception handling


Welcome to the last part of the programming basics series! In this series we’ll cover what exceptions are and how you deal with them.

If you’ve made all the examples, that are featured throughout the series, you might have encountered something like this:

This particular runtime error is caused by a wrong user input. It’s not caused by faulty code. Errors like this usually crash your application and a user has to restart it, in order to continue using it. In this part we’ll cover how to deal with such errors. Continue reading Programming Basics 7 – Exceptions and exception handling