Functional-Style Operations in the Java Stream API

I discussed Java Lambda Expressions quite a time ago inĀ another article. Those were not the only new thing that got implemented in Java 8. Besides Lambdas, Type-Annotations, and Default methods in interfaces, version 8 of the Java API added support for functional-style operations. Because I think that this is quite a rarely discussed feature, I decided to write this short introduction to the Java Stream API and how it can be used for basic functional-style programming in Java.

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Regular expressions in Java


You might remember that one article I wrote about Lambda expressions in Java last year. In that article I took a quick look at what Lambda expressions are and how you can use them in Java. This article was quite popular and I thought it’s about time that I write something about regular expressions here on nerdhut. However I only wanted to give you an introduction about regular expressions and how you can use them in your Java code to detect patterns in a text or to search for something. Continue reading Regular expressions in Java

Lambda expressions in Java


They have been around for some years now and yet I’ve heard very little about them. Back then, when Java 8 was new, I took a quick look at what was new. And Java 8 was introducing Lambda expressions, that you could use in your code. But what are these Lambda expressions (sometimes also referred to as Lambda functions)? Should you be afraid of them? Should we all use them? Let’s find out! Continue reading Lambda expressions in Java