How to Write a Simple Android Wear OS Hello World Application

A few months back I treated myself to a new watch, and I decided to finally try a smartwatch. I haven’t thought that I’d use it as much as I ended up doing, but I noticed that the Android device lacks a few features that I’d previously found on the Apple Watch, most notably a native stocks app that helps keep track of my portfolio. Granted, I don’t know why I’d like to see my life savings disappear in real-time, but I decided to try and write a simple stock tracking app for Wear OS devices just for the sake of it. However, this article discusses how to get started with writing a custom program for Wear OS devices.

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JXD S7800b android gaming tablet test

Today I want to write about a rather unusual device that was around for a pretty long time actually, but that I have never heard of before. I also did never encounter this device in the ‘real life’ server of this game. However, recently someone sent me a link to this device and I found it quite interesting. I’ve seen devices like the S7800b some years ago, but I think the concept of a tablet with built-in hardware controls just did not get very popular. I mean why should it? The buttons seem to distract you anyways when performing typical tablet activities like browsing the web or watching movies. And usually android games tend to be made for touch only devices, so is the JXD S7800b any good at all? Let’s find out!

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