This little web-app helps you to keep track of your tries while manufacturing PCBs. It should be pretty self explanatory and it comes in two languages: german and english. However the english one was just quickly translated by me.

This app should only be used by experienced users, so there is no setup guide or anything else. If you don’t know how to set it up, this app is nothing for you.


It’s a very simple CRUD application and it looks like this (the image shows the german interface. An english translation is included):


Initially I just quickly wrote this little app for myself, so I could keep track of my tries while manufacturing PCBs, so it’s really not that well made. Don’t make it public! And only use it on your localhost or private network. It has no protection functions at all. So you can basically input anything and destroy your database. So please don’t use it, if you don’t know what you’re doing!


Download it here

One more time: don’t put it up on a public webserver if you can’t live with possible consequences. You’ve been warned!

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