This is a little asteroids remake I programmed. It’s very basic and free. The original was created by Atari.

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Latest release

You can download the latest versions here!

Mac OS – Self contained application package
Linux & Windows only available in older versions. See below.

This software is work in progress. Please report bugs to support the development. You can find the contact details here!


Current version

Added Sounds

Beta 1

Initial release

Previous versions

Beta 1:

Windows – Includes Win32 and Win64 packages
Linux – Universal package
Mac OS – Self contained application package

Early alpha versions:

Windows Alpha
Linux Alpha
Mac OS Alpha

Very old Windows version made in XNA. This version is not supported anymore, but you can still download it, if you wish to try it. It wasn’t too bad 😉



W or up-arrow: accelerate
A or left-arrow: steer left
D or right-arrow: steer right
space – shoot
left-shift: teleport


up/down-arrow: previous/next option
space: select marked option

Special thanks to

Music –

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