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Programming Basics 4
Learn about arrays in the fourth part of the ‘Programming Basics’-Series!
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Tutorial spotlight

BeagleBone Black PRU Hello World
This is our most successful article by now. Read about the BeagleBone Black’s Programmable Realtime Unit (PRU) and learn how to use it for your realtime applications. This tutorial covers Linux device trees, the C programming language, assembler programming and a bit of electronics.

Programming basics
This website covers a lot of projects and topics where something is programmed. If you always wanted to start programming but you don’t know where to start, this is the perfect series for you. It is our second most successful series of articles and it covers the very basic (object oriented) programming concepts in Java.

Exact timings on a Raspberry Pi
This article teaches you how to use the hardware clock capabilities of your Raspberry Pi to create exact timings. The generated waveforms, shown in this article, are almost as good, as the ones created with a real realtime system, so give it a read, if you are into this kind of stuff!

But wait! There are even more interesting tutorials. You can find all tutorial related articles here. Enjoy!

Project showcase

Take a look at the projects, we like the most. We can only showcase five projects, but there are even more projects. Each project has it’s own page with a description and images. Many projects also include tutorials, so you can rebuild them, if you want to!

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