DIY electronic riddle advent calendar

Oh yes, Christmas! It’s almost that season of the year again. And to shorten the time between the 1st of December and Christmas Eve’, I thought about a bit more interesting advent calendar than one, that only has chocolate in it. This electronic advent calendar offers a riddle that you can create for a loved one or a friend and give it to them so they can try to solve it before Christmas arrives. It offers a clue every day and it presents all unlocked clues on a website that runs on the device itself. The only two things it needs to work is a power supply and a WiFi network it can connect to. And the best thing is: It is really simple to build and it can be re-used every year and it can also be used for other occasions (for example Valentine’s Day)! Continue reading DIY electronic riddle advent calendar


Regular Expressions in Java


You might remember that one article I wrote about Lambda expressions in Java last year. In that article I took a quick look at what Lambda expressions are and how you can use them in Java. This article was quite popular and I thought it’s about time that I write something about regular expressions here on nerdhut. However I only wanted to give you an introduction about regular expressions and how you can use them in your Java code to detect patterns in a text or to search for something. Continue reading Regular Expressions in Java

Homemade DIY word clock – Low cost variant

In this article I want to cover an alternative I’ve come across while building the “real” word clock project. This version will not feature a 12×12 LED-Matrix display. Instead it’s made with LED strips and only the significant words on the clock can light up. With this method you can’t display custom messages, but the whole build won’t cost you as much either. Read all about this build in this article or watch this video:

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How to design your own CPU from scratch – Part 3

In this part of the series I’ll show you the necessary components for storing and executing programs on our micro processor! I’ll try to keep this part quite short, because I already explained in detail what a micro-instruction is and what it consists of on this CPU in part 2! So, let’s get the ball rolling. Continue reading How to design your own CPU from scratch – Part 3

Mac Apps with Xamarin – Hello World Tutorial

Some time ago I wrote an article about how to get started with Windows 10 App development. This article will introduce you to Mac-Apps and will guide you through the process of programming one with Xamarin and C#.

Easy to follow video included at the end of the article.

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Homemade DIY word clock – Part 3.1


Obsolete information! Please view this article for a complete and easier guide!

This is the last revision I’m going to post before I completely finish the post. It has all the features I wanted and defined in the first part, and it’s as easy to manufacture and to build as possible. So this is just a really short and quick update with the newest files for editing and printing. Continue reading Homemade DIY word clock – Part 3.1