2016: A year in review

This year is coming to an end and we want to share our stats of 2016 with you! This was our first year of blogging and we think that it was a great success! When I started the blog in February 2016, I didn’t really expect anything. I just wanted a place to share ideas with other awesome people who are into projects, tech and nerdy stuff in general. Continue reading 2016: A year in review

Our geeky Christmas present ideas

Christmas is ahead and for you, who are celebrating the birth of baby Jesus, we’ve made a list of cool present ideas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, the products mentioned in this article can also be given to someone you like who celebrates his/her birthday or any other special event in their life! To each specific product there’ll be a link where to buy, these links were chosen by us, none of the links was placed by a company or a webshop. If you find the product cheaper, feel free to leave a link in the comments! Continue reading Our geeky Christmas present ideas

My 5 favourite comic strips

You know when I’m bored or when I have a break at work, I really like to read some short comic strips. Most of the time, they are good for a quick giggle and they help me relax a bit. Here is a list of my five favourite comic strips. Go take a look at them, if you didn’t know them yet, I’m sure you’ll like at least one of them!

Another thing: They are not sorted in any way. I like them all, this is no ranking. Continue reading My 5 favourite comic strips

Jump into a topic – learn something new

Today is Friday again (thank god!) and therefore you have two full days of free time. If the weather is bad or you just don’t feel like doing physical activities this weekend, you can always just sit down and learn something you wanted to be able to do for a long time. So get active (not in a physical way) and use your spare 48 hours to learn something new. This article will present you our most popular tutorials you might have missed!

Continue reading Jump into a topic – learn something new

The three best episodes of the Simpsons

As it’s Friday and therefore almost weekend, I write about something non technical, just an easy to read article about one of my all time favorite TV shows: The Simpsons. I’m pretty sure most people on the world know the iconic family with the yellow skin color. Considering myself an absolute fan of this series I want to present you my personal top five episodes of the Simpsons! Might contain spoilers. Continue reading The three best episodes of the Simpsons