This is the nerdhut, a place for everyone who is interested in electronics, programming, games, fun and projects! This isn’t my first website, but it always was a dream of mine to create a place like this. Just a place to have some nice articles to read and some fine videos to watch. But also a place to talk to other people who are into these kinds of things.

Who am I? I’m a software engineer and I write about the projects I work on and the ideas I have. I also want to teach you some topics that, when I learned them, did not have good (free and public) resources for learning. So you could say that I want to try to make things easier to understand, so you have a good overview of a topic.

Why do I give away knowledge for free? Because I think it’s wrong to withhold it from people who might not be able to afford college or who might not have the time to go to engineering-school etc. but still want to know more about certain things. Basically the main point of all the articles, that are supposed to teach you something, is, that I want to give you a quick overview and I’ll try not go into too much detail, because when you have a starting point or an overview about the topic and a basic understanding of it, you can find a lot of good already existing resources online or in libraries that will go into more detail.

If you have any feedback on this blog, questions or if you found an error feel free to contact me, or simply leave a comment! Don’t forget to share this blog with your friends, if you liked it!

If you want to support nerdhut, you can do so on my patreon-page! This will enable me to do even larger, better and more interesting projects and builds! Even if you don’t want to (or can’t afford to) support us, I’m still happy to have you here.

I just have one more thing to say: Sit back, grab a coffee or a cool drink and enjoy your stay in the nerdhut!

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  1. Hello! I really like your site. I saw your article about the apple keynote and it was great. You also reply to comments very fast. I am impressed. Thanks a lot for the great articles.

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