Introducing shorts

As much as I love writing long and detailed articles about complex projects, those take a long time to finish. Unfortunately, I often end up procrastinating a bit more than necessary before I get some articles done. In those longer articles, I often discuss several topics that are relevant but not directly related to the projects themselves. For example, I sometimes discuss a power supply design or a software design pattern in one part of a longer series. However, to prevent me from procrastinating too much and to make it easier for you, new readers, and search engines, I decided to publish at least one short article each week. These shorter articles discuss a single topic in as much detail as needed using as few words as possible. I’ll keep working on longer and more elaborate projects in the meantime!

As mentioned, I plan to discuss a single software design pattern, an electronic design, an algorithm, a component, tips and tricks, and other light-hearted content. These shorter articles should be easy to read, and I hope they will be accessible and useful for many different people with various backgrounds and skill levels. As an added challenge, I’ll try to keep each article under 500 words.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas for articles or you’d like to request a specific topic. You can also leave a comment below! Thanks for reading, and enjoy your stay in the nerdhut!

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