2019: The annual Christmas report

Just like the snow in GTA Online, the annual Christmas letter on nerdhut is back! This year was the best one so far for this website, which means that this streak goes on since 2016. Let me quickly go over some facts for this year and highlight some goals, that got achieved in 2019!

Let me start by pointing out that I didn’t upload any content to my YouTube channel and that’s not good. I know, that it’s not hugely popular, so I guess it makes sense to concentrate on publishing content on the platforms that I have more success on, but I still want to up my YouTube game in 2020. So be prepared to see more videos getting published next year!

Other than that, business went on as usual. I wrote a few articles on maker.pro and that’s the reason, why I haven’t published a lot of content on my own page. Again, something I want to change in 2020. And don’t worry: I have a couple of big projects that are almost finished and I’m eager to write about them!

Site starts

This year was the best one so far for the nerdhut. In fact, almost every month was better than the best month of 2018 (in terms of unique visitors):

12.908 unique visitors from 135 different countries (2018: 8.308 from 107)
33 likes on articles (2018: 70)
46 comments on articles (2018: 42)
1.251‬ followers (on all services) (2018: 743)

21 published posts, 104 in total

Most visitors were from: USA (2.507)
Least visitors were from: Liechtenstein (1)

Most popular article: How to design your own CPU – Part 1
Least popular article: Last year’s Christmas letter

Things to point out

One thing, that I’m very proud of, is that an article, that I wrote on maker.pro, was published by Arduino on their official site. That was really cool and I hope, that it helps many people that want to start using that particular Arduino board but don’t know where to start.

Time to thank you all

Thank you all for reading the articles on this page, on maker.pro, or wherever they get published. Thank you all for watching the videos on YouTube and commenting on my various activities online. All your input is valuable and it helps me to improve my writing.

I hope all of you have a nice holiday and I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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