How to use the ESP8266 for wireless communication

More than often enough parts of projects will have to communicate with each other or external devices. This can either be done by directly connecting the devices with cables but sometimes it’s more convenient to wirelessly connect the different pieces of hardware. This article will show you how to use the ESP8266 and it also includes two examples for using it with a Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards.

The good thing about the ESP8266 is, that it supports standard AT commands that can be sent over a serial connection. Therefore it can be used in combination with any device that supports serial communication. The newer versions of the breakout board communicate with a baud-rate of 115200 (symbols/second), the older ones work with 9600. The baud rate can be changed. However, when I tried it, the device stopped responding.

Anyway, I wrote an extensive tutorial over at so you should check it out if you’re interested in how that works!

Table of contents

How to use a relay module
How to use an ethernet module
How to use an EEPROM
How to use the ESP8266 for wireless communication (You are here)

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