Fallout76 Trophy and Achievement Guide

This is not the type of article that I usually publish on this website but I simply couldn’t find a good trophy guide for Fallout76, an online RPG. So I thought it was time to put some tips and tricks together to help others who might not know how to get a certain trophy in the game.

However, I’ll focus on the trophies that are not quest related in this guide. The quests should be self-explanatory. However, if you feel like this guide is really missing something without them, just leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do to make it complete!


Happy C.A.M.P.er

Build a C.A.M.P.

Simply place your camp somewhere on the map. You should be able to place it anywhere outside of buildings and workshops. Just make sure that it’s not too close to other camps. Access your pip boy and use Z (PC), L1 (PS4) or LB (XBOX One) to place it.

We Must Rebuild

Build 20 C.A.M.P. Items.

See Appalachian HOA.

Appalachian HOA

Build 100 C.A.M.P. Items.

This one’s pretty straight-forward. You could either just place some things around 100 times or you can build a cool base like I did:

Figure 1: Build a nice camp!

Note that only newly built items will count. Storing and placing the same item won’t.

Second Skin

Craft 5 Pieces of Armor.

Right after leaving Vault76 you have to walk down the stairs that are in front of it and find the overseer’s camp. There are a bunch of workbenches present there and you can immediately build the leather armor.

Simply collect the materials and build it and the trophy is yours.

A Fighting Chance

Craft a weapon.

This can also be done right at the overseer’s camp. Craft a throwing knife and that’s it.

Monet of Murder

Mod 50 weapons.

Self explanatory. You can use weapon workbenches to mod your guns and knifes. However, most mods will require you to find recipes. You can also buy a large number of them at vendors.

Character related

Ground Zero

Be at Ground Zero of the Nuclear Blast.

The description is a bit misleading on this one. You have to be there WHILE the missile hits the ground. So listen for the emergency broadcast when a player launches a missile and quick-travel to the red area on the map. Then wait until the bombs drop. I was in the dead center of the explosion and the trophy popped.

Gimme Gimme!

Pick 50 locks.

This one is pretty easy. Just a few tips: There are plenty of level 0 and level 1 locks out there. So if you don’t want the perk-cards for higher level locks, there’s no need to get them!

You can pick the same lock multiple times and each time should count towards your progress. However, the locks will only reset once you leave the game and connect to a new server.

This might be boostable. Ask a friend to build a bunch of doors in his/her camp and then place locks on each door. You can then pick the locks. Just make sure that you’re not on the same team because player locks can only be picked by “strangers”.

Code Cruncher

Hack 50 terminals.

This one’s a bit harder to get than the Gimme Gimme! tropy from above because locked terminals aren’t as common as locked doors. However, you’ll eventually get it.

A high intelligence level will lower the number of potential passwords you can pick from when hacking. Mentats have the same effect.

You can further reduce the number by looking for a pair of matching opening and closing brackets of any kind with any text between them. As long as they’re on the same line you should be able to select them like a potential password. Sometimes such a combination will reset your error count.

Perked Up

Fully rank up a Perk.

This will require you to level up three times and then get a perk card that can be leveled up. The ones that have multiple stars can be combined to reach a higher rank. You’ll have to buy the same perk card multiple times and the game then asks you whether you want to combine them to reach a higher rank. Do that often enough and equip the fully ranked up perk.

Retro Now

Play a Holotape Game.

There’s one right where you start in Vault76. It should be in the terminal in your room. Start it and the trophy is yours!

If you missed it you can find Holotape games in the game. However, they are pretty rare. You can always start a new game with a new character and unlock the trophy that way though.

Giant Slayer

Kill 5 Giant Creatures.

This is pretty easy and I got it without knowing that it exists. You simply have to kill 5 large creatures, for example the monster of Charleston or a Snellygaster.

Pest control

Kill 300 creatures.

This will come naturally while playing. Basically anything counts towards this trophy except for other players.

Wild West Virginian, Appalachian Trailblazer, American Hero, Fallout Forever

Reach Level 10, 25, 50, 100.

These trophies will require you to reach a specific level with one character in the game. This might take a while but it’s pretty easy to do.

One way to get this rather quickly is by claiming workshops. You’ll get experience points for that and each time monsters or players try to reclaim them. This will quickly get you leveled up.

Another good strategy is putting your camp up in a rather dangerous place where a lot of enemies spawn. For example close to Top of the Mountain. Then build a few foundations and place turrets on them and wait until enemies try to destroy them. Place them high enough so they can’t be easily reached. Shoot each enemy at least once to get the experience when the turrets kill them.


Photo bomber

Take 20 photos.

You can enter the photo mode from the main menu. Simply look at the bottom of the screen and find the key that activates it. Then take 20 photos:

Figure 2: The photo mode can be used to take cool pictures

Pioneer Scout

Discover 100 locations.

This shouldn’t really be a problem and it should come naturally while playing.


Read 20 Magazines.

Magazines can be found in many locations and this shouldn’t be too much of a challenge and it should come naturally. However, here’s a video guide:

If you don’t want to watch the guide: There’s a perk in the perception category that’ll show you the direction of a magazine if you’re close to it.

Ain’t He the Cutest?

Collect a Bobblehead.

See Shwag.


Collect 10 Bobbleheads.

Just like with the magazines this should come naturally after a while. However, here’s another video guide:

Just like with the magazines: There’s a perk that’ll show you the way to the closest bobblehead if you’re near one.


Possess 10,000 caps.

You can get caps for finishing quests, killing players, selling stuff and by simply finding them while looting. This might take a while but there’s nothing you can do except saving your money.

However, a high luck level might increase the chance of finding good loot.

Junker Funk

Gather 200 pieces of junk.

You should get this one naturally while playing. Simply collect trash, like cans, or natural resources, like ores and wood.

Playing with others

Never Go it Alone!

Join 20 Teams.

This one is very easy if you play with friends. Each time you join a team or your friends join yours will count towards the trophy. This doesn’t have to be done with 20 unique players.

If you don’t play with friends you can simply invite random people all around the map and once they enter your team you can immediately leave the team (or play together). Do this 20 times and the trophy is yours!

Field Medic

Revive 20 fallen players.

This one can be pretty hard to achieve when playing alone but there are a few ways to get this one (pretty) quickly:

Play with a friend. This will allow you to travel together and when your friends die you can quickly revive them.

Play events with other (random) players. Events can be pretty tough and a lot of players get downed. You can then run around and revive them if they don’t respawn too quickly.

If you don’t mind being a bad guy, here’s an evil strategy for you: Travel to a low-level player, preferably one that’s already low on health, and hit him. If you’re lucky, the player gets downed and because he didn’t attack you, he’s not an enemy and can be revived. Quickly spam the revive button until the player gets up. However, you’ll always gain a bounty of 50 bottlecaps doing this (plus it’s super mean).

Another strategy is having the Quack Surgeon perk equipped that lets you revive players with alcohol instead of Stimpaks. A bug allows you to revive enemy players with this perk. Simply grab some alcohol (vodka, bourbon, whiskey, …) and kill somebody. Then quickly spam the revive button until they get up.

Note: This got fixed today!

The last good option is boosting. Get together with another player and ask them to jump off of a high structure. Then revive them once they get downed.

Kill or be killed

Kill another player.

See Good Grief!

Good Grief!

Kill 20 players.

This is much easier than it sounds. Simply walk up to a player and hit them with a knife or a sword. Then wait until they hurt you too. This’ll initiate a PVP fight. Then just kill the other player.

I found this to be super easy when using the bowie knife and quickly running around your opponent. It gets easier when the other player uses guns. Simply stab them until they fall down and then finish the dirty work.

You can kill 20 different players or the same player 20 times. Boosting this is therefore possible.

Bounty Hunter

Kill a wanted player.

Wanted players will be marked with a red icon on the map. Quick travel to one and then kill him. See Good Grief! for a few tips.

Alternatively, you can also ask a friend to damage your camp and get a bounty. Then kill him. You may not be in the same team as your friend otherwise it won’t work.

Quests, Events and Challenges

Misters of Mystery

Complete “Mistress of Mystery”.

This is the only quest-related trophy I want to discuss because it can be tricky to find the event that triggers it. You’ll have to find a woman in a black dress with green stripes on it to trigger the quest. I had luck looking around in Welch twice and the quest got activated but I got it from a different location once.

However, the quest will then require you to look around Riverside Manor while wearing a mask you got from the dead woman.

Tested Mettle, A real Challenger

Complete 5 Challenges
Complete 20 Challenges

Scorched Earth, Monster Mash, Breach and Clear

Win the “Scorched Earth” Event.
Win the “Monster Mash” Event.
Win the “Breach and Clear” Event.

Self explanatory. However, these are pretty hard events so you might want to level up (50 or above) before trying them.

All the other quests

Complete “I am become Death”.
Complete “Into the Fire”.
Complete “Heart of the Enemy”.
Complete “Key to the Past”.
Complete “Officer on Deck”.
Complete “First Contact”.
Complete “Final Departure”.
Complete “Reclamation Day”.
Complete “Second Helpings”.
Complete “Recruitment Blues”.
Complete “Coming to Fruition”.
Complete “Bunker Buster”.
Complete “One of Us”.
Complete “Personal Matters”.
Complete “Queen of the Hunt”.

Like described above, I won’t discuss quests for now.

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