Programming Basics – Addendum 2

I wrote this series about the basics of programming in Java quite a while ago and I got asked to write another one about the basic concepts in Java, Python and C.

So in these three articles, I briefly discuss the most important aspects of the three languages. The Java article focuses on explaining polymorphism and object-oriented programming in general, the Python article focuses on the different programming paradigms supported by Python and the C article discusses memory management and pointers:

Basic concepts of Java
Basic concepts of Python
Basic concepts of the C programming language

Table of contents

Part 1 – MyFirstProgram
Part 2 – Access Modifiers and Variables
Part 3 – Methods
Part 4 – Arrays
Part 5 – Control flow
Part 6 – Classes and Objects
Part 7 – Exceptions and exception handling

Addendum 1 – IntelliJ QuickTip
Addendum 2 – Important programming concepts explained (You are here)

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