2018: Annual nerdhut Christmas letter

This year was a mixed one for the nerdhut. Even though I finished interesting projects, helpful articles and informative videos, I feel like there could have been more. Unfortunately, I was pretty busy this year and didn’t have as much time to write articles, as I would have liked to. Anyway, let’s see how the site performed this year!

2018 was also the year in which I started using instagram. I usually upload screenshots from games and teasers from upcoming project videos and articles. You should definitely check it out!

Other than that I uploaded more content to YouTube and also started writing articles and producing videos for maker.pro. You should also check out their community, because they have content over there too!

Site stats

8.308 unique visitors from 107 different countries (2017: 7.484 from 101)
70 likes on articles (2017: 277)
42 comments on articles (2017: 177)
743 followers (on all services) (2017: 598)

13 published posts, 80 in total

Most visitors were from: Germany (1.711)
Least visitors were from: Jamaica (1)

Most popular article: How to design your own CPU – Part 1
Least popular article: Programming Basics 6

YouTube stats

Click here to take a look at the channel!

Video clicks: 7.034
Total view time: 50.152 minutes (34,82 days)
Subscribers: 50 (+29)
Uploaded videos: 3

Instagram stats

Total likes: 256
Followers: 47
Uploads: 23

Goals for 2019

Unfortunately I didn’t reach my goal for 2018 (1000 subscribers), so that still remains for 2019!

Special thanks to…

… all of you who read this and everybody who likes articles, writes comments, follows the blog and contributes to the it in any other way.

… the people over at PCBWay for sponsoring the Nixie tube thermometer project. This wouldn’t have been possible at that time without their support!

… the great team over at maker.pro for giving me a chance to reach my goals!

… my patrons over at Patreon! By the way, this will be the last pledge I’ll collect for now. But still: thank you all very much for the support!

That’s it for now!

Now there’s only one more thing to say: Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating and I also wish you all a happy new year!

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