2017: Another year in review

So another year is coming to an end and that means that it is time for the yearly nerdhut Christmas letter, which seems to have become a yearly tradition now. In this year’s letter I want to especially thank everybody who supported the blog throughout the year. Thanks to your (mostly financial) support, I was able to build some projects (I’m currently writing an article about the most recent one, which I’m planning to publish soon) and to make some investments into the website and YouTube channel.

Which brings me right to the next topic of this letter: The YouTube channel. This was my first year creating YouTube videos and I think the results are quite good for a complete newcomer. I published 13 videos this year which have been watched over 13.000 times.

The most popular video was: Fallout 4 Teddy bear blast 2
The least popular video was: Fallout 4 – Too many nukes

And while I’m at it: This was not the only experiment I tried this year. Some of you might remember the wordclock series, which was another first for me. Because the way I usually write articles about projects/builds is, that I first finish the build and then I try to describe the process in retrospective. With this series I wrote the articles while building the project. And, as it’s usual for me, my first design failed and I had to come up with a new one. However I still think this is a nice series because it documents that it’s not completely bad to fail in a project. And I guess it also teaches an important lesson: Sometimes you have to come to the conclusion that your idea is not working out as intended and you have to come up with a new design and try to make all the things better, that failed in your first attempt.

The stats

7.487 unique visitors, from 101 different countries (2016: 3.661 from 75)
277 likes on articles (2016: 88)
177 comments on articles (2016: 184)
598 followers (on all services) (2016: 470)

26 published posts, 65 in total

Most visitors were from: The Netherlands (1398)
Least visitors were from: Yemen (1)

Most popular article: Homemade DIY Wordclock – Part 1
Least popular article: GTA IV perfect game of bowling (300 pts.)

Goals for 2018

In 2018 I want to publish at least 30 posts or videos and I want nerdhut to reach 1.000 followers in total.

Big thanks

Once again: Huge thank you to all of you who read the articles, write comments, leave likes and support nerdhut on Patreon! All of this would have never been possible without your engagement and support and I hope that some of the articles contained valuable information for you and that they entertained you!

Now there’s only one more thing to say: Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating and I also wish you all a happy new year!

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