Homemade DIY word clock – A quick update

Obsolete information! Please view this article for a complete and easier guide!

Just a real quick update about the project.

I actually did not forget about it and it has been a while since I last wrote something on the blog. I want to apologize for that, this was due to a lot of exams at the end of the semester.

However, yesterday I started building the clock and almost finished it, when I found a major flaw in my design: The PCBs are not wide enought to be mounted in the case properly, so you would have to glue them in somehow (I really don’t want to use a lot of glue in my builds, because it makes servicing them really hard, however I might still do it in this single case, because it’s the first prototype and I already have everything that I need). So I made a new revision of the boards with a slightly larger outline. Everything else remained unchanged.

Also: The printed glas front-panel didn’t work out at all, because light was shining through the black parts and it just looked weird. These two things threw me back in this project. Anyways now I know where mistakes were made and I’ll try to finish the build as soon as possible.

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