Homemade DIY word clock – Part 3.1


Obsolete information! Please view this article for a complete and easier guide!

This is the last revision I’m going to post before I completely finish the post. It has all the features I wanted and defined in the first part, and it’s as easy to manufacture and to build as possible. So this is just a really short and quick update with the newest files for editing and printing.

Don’t worry about loosing the overview of all the versions and revisions. In the last part I’ll put everything together in a nice package, so you can download the version you want and it will also include a detailed guide on how to build this project step by step.

The new files

I haven’t changed a lot. This update might not even be of any use for you, but I decided to make my clock smaller. The LED matrix boards are now going to be 25x25cm in total, so I just made the existing design a bit smaller, so that it is exactly 25x25cm large, when printed three times:

Figure 1: Revision c with dimensions

You can download the new files here. (Please view the last part of this series, the final revision is available there).

Also in my build I’m not going to build the daughterboard from part 2.1. I’m going to use the PCBs that came with the ICs, because they have the exact same io-layout and functionality as my daughterboard and I would have them laying around otherwise.

Table of contents

Part 1 – First steps 
Part 2 – The Electronics
Part 2.1 – Quick update and Board Rev. B
Part 3 – The Software
Part 3.1 – Updated Revision (You are here)
Part 4 – Completing the build (Not released yet)


Part 5 – Low cost variant


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