My 5 favourite comic strips

You know when I’m bored or when I have a break at work, I really like to read some short comic strips. Most of the time, they are good for a quick giggle and they help me relax a bit. Here is a list of my five favourite comic strips. Go take a look at them, if you didn’t know them yet, I’m sure you’ll like at least one of them!

Another thing: They are not sorted in any way. I like them all, this is no ranking.

Cyanide and Happiness

This one might the best known one on this list. A lot of people know C&H because of it’s dark humour and making fun of stuff, that could offend others. I like to read them, because they are easy to read and understand with subtile humour most of the time. Even though the message might look subtile, the web comics often deals with social topics. If you just want a quick laugh without having to think about what you read a lot, this might be for you!

Here is a recent comic strip:

Figure 1


Here is one, that I personally like a lot, because of it’s dark humour:

Figure 2

They also have a random comic generator, which generates funny strips. So if you have some time to spare, give it a try. And if you can bare more fun, there are C&H short films on YouTube, which are also very well done and funny.

Here is a random generated comic:

Figure 3

You can read the C&H comic strips here!

Poorly drawn lines

It’s a sarcastic web comic series. That’s basically all I can tell.

Figure 4

And one more:

Figure 5

And another one:

Figure 6

Check them out here. They are basically all good!


How can I describe these comics the best? Most of the time it’s about engineering problems and topics, sometimes it’s about friendship and sometimes the topic is life in general. I think the best way to describe it, is to look at some comics:

Figure 7

So they are nice nerdy comics which might not be funny for everyone.

Figure 8

And another one:

Figure 9

You can read all the comic strips here.


Friends of mine know that I really love the Dilbert comic strips by Scott Adams. The series is about an engineer, Dilbert, who works at a large company, his colleagues and their relationships and about working in a large company in general.

Figure 10
Figure 11

And a third one:

Figure 12

Some years ago there was a TV-Series and, what is a bit odd, you could buy so called Dilberitos, which were basically deep-frozen, vegetarian burritos. However, read the comics here, if you liked the three samples above.


I guess you all know this one. It’s about a lazy cat, named Garfield, and his owner Jon. Garfield loves food and sleep. The majority of these comics are good, but I have to admit that, often enough, I find them not too funny. So I’d rate 6 out of 10 as funny. I just wanted to mention these comic strips, because somehow I read them because they are just pleasant to look at and short. Here is one:

Figure 13

You can read them online.

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