Quick look at MacOS Sierra’s Picture in picture

The new MacOS 10.12 is now available for download, you can get it from the App Store. It has several cool new features like Siri on Mac, a new Messager, new Safari and the ability to watch videos while you work with the help of picture in picture.

Besides the above mentioned features you can also share your clipboard between several iOS devices, which can be quite handy, it’s now possible to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch, if you have one.

There are also some interesting file-management features like sharing all your files in a folder on your desktop and a file manager that helps you to clean up your Mac’s hard drive. It basically tells you what applications and files you haven’t used in a while and recommends them for deletition. It can also automatically clean your waste bin:

Figure 1: This app helps you to clean up your hard drive

If you wanted to watch a video while working in the past, you either had to have two displays side-by-side or you had to resize the windows, but you couldn’t work in full screen mode and watch videos simultaneously.

Here is a demonstration of this feature:

This version of Mac OS also introduces some optical tweaks like a new message center, which now comes in a light-grey design, instead of the dark-grey it had before.


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