Programming Basics 3 – Methods


In the last part of the series you learned how to use variables to store data in a program. This part will discuss methods, which give you the possibility to define behavior for a class. Continue reading Programming Basics 3 – Methods


Programming Basics 2 – Access Modifiers and Variables


This article will explain what variables are and how you can declare and use them. It is part of the Programming Basics series, so be sure to read the previous ones, if you haven’t done so already. You can find the table of contents at the end of this article. Continue reading Programming Basics 2 – Access Modifiers and Variables

Programming Basics 1 – MyFirstProgram


This article is the intro to a series intended to teach programming in an easy and fun way. The examples in this series might be written in different programming languages, because I’m not trying to teach you a particular language, but the basics of programming.

This series is for people who have absolutely no experience in programming, so there is nothing needed to start this series. Please don’t get me wrong: You won’t be able to program a new AAA game after this tutorial series, but you’ll be able to write simple programs and games. But be warned: You’ll need to practice A LOT if you want to develop something larger. I might however make another series later with advanced programming concepts. Anyways remember one thing: even if it is a lot of work to learn the concept of programming, it will be a lot of fun after you understood it. Continue reading Programming Basics 1 – MyFirstProgram

The three best episodes of the Simpsons

As it’s Friday and therefore almost weekend, I write about something non technical, just an easy to read article about one of my all time favorite TV shows: The Simpsons. I’m pretty sure most people on the world know the iconic family with the yellow skin color. Considering myself an absolute fan of this series I want to present you my personal top five episodes of the Simpsons! Might contain spoilers. Continue reading The three best episodes of the Simpsons